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Tricia's Be​st Naturals

Women Care

Our line of all natural Ladies care products. All products are small batch made and made with love. All our herbs are from a local herb garden.

Our Products

Yoni soap. Very mild and cleansing. Made with shae butter, coco butter, natural oils, herbs and essential oils. All the things that are healing to your yoni.

Yoni Soap 1 Full size bar
Yoni Soap 2 full size bars
Yoni Soap 4 full size bars

Yoni Tub Teas

This tub tea is great for yoni health. Great for tightening, healing, cleansing, and caring for the yoni. It cleanses and detoxes the body whiling regulating your cycle. Can be used daily. Also know to help with hot flashes and mood swings.

Yoni Tub Tea (5 Tea Bags)