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Tricia's Be​st Naturals

Men Care

Men's Herbal Tea

Men’s All Natural Herbal Wellness Tea!

This tea is good for treating depression, reducing anxiety, balancing hormones, supporting the prostate glands, helps with stress, improves brain function, and circulation, great for sexual stamina and erection and all over men’s good health.

There’s a combination of about 20 -25 different natural herbs in this tea.

It’s made with distilled water. Not tap water. Tap water has so many things left in it, that it takes away from the taste and natural benefits of the herbs.

It’s sweeten with 100% natural honey.

Men's Herbal Tea

Beard Shampoo

Our Beard Shampoo is specifically made for your beard. Your beard and your face needs to be washed with two different things. This beard Shampoo will help remove all the build up, oils, and everyday stuff that gets on your face and in your beard. Leaving your beard soft, shiny, looking good and feeling great.

Beard Shampoo

Beard Oil

With this beard oil your beard and face will feel brand new. It softens, moisturizer, and treats your beard as well as your skin. Your beard will look and feel like new hair.

Beard Oil

Beard Balm

Now this right here will have your beard and your skin in top shape. It moisturizing and softens the beard as well as take care of the skin under the beard. It will have your face and beard smooth silky soft and shiny.

Beard Balm

Men's Tub Tea

Tea bags made for the tub. All naturals herbs that are good for your skin combined with Epson salt, baking soda and essential oils that are great for relaxing your day away. Very moisturizing. The combination of herbs in this men's tub tea are also  great for improving blood flow & circulation, reducing stress and anxiety, supporting the prostate glands, improving brain function, to assist with sexual stamina and all over good health.

Men's Bath Tea (3 Tea Bags)

Men's Natural Johnson Scrub

This men’s johnson scrub is a great cleanser and scrub. This scrub is made with all natural items. It's a brown sugar charcoal detox scrub for your private area.  It's also great for improving blood flow & circulation,  supporting the prostate glands and is also know to assist with sexual stamina.

Man's Natural Johnson Scrub 4 oz