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Tricia's Be​st Naturals

An Alternative to Medication Creams

This is our all natural healing cream. It's great for minor burns, cuts, bruises, and abrasions. Made with nothing but the best skin nurturing oils and essential oils. A little goes a long way. Starts to heal right away. Cuts healing time in half. Does not sting or burn. A natural first aid kit must have.

Natural Healing Cream

Natural dry skin salve. This is great for all types of dry skin. Work great on dry skin patches. Great for children. 4oz

Natural Dry Skin Salve 4oz
Natural Dry Skin Salve 8oz

This is our Working Hands and Feet Salve. When you get dressed in the morning put this salve on the bottom of your feet and put your socks and shoes on. This salve will keep your feet at a relaxed State throughout the day. It's really good for people who are on their feet a lot. If you walk, run, jog, or exercise this is a really good salve for your feet. It moisturizes and keep your feet soft.

Working Hands & Feet 4oz
Working Hands & Feet Cream 8oz

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All natural extra strength pain cream. Great for all types of aches and pains. Also works well with arthritis. Aid in healing as well as alleviating pain. A little goes a long way.

Extra Strength Pain cream